Personal Fireplace

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Bring the hearth to any area of your home with Flickr Fire, your very own portable mini fire pit that operates purely on isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Inspired by the Wabi Sabi aesthetic, this sleek and natural cement structure fits into any room, setup, or room style. That’s right! You can use it outside AND inside! With no soot, an easy snuff out extinguish setting, and no carbon monoxide (in well-insulated spaces), this ambience setter is safe for use in any space, so you can take the family smores night anywhere you want.

  • Capacity: 5 oz of isopropyl alcohol
  • Burn Time: 45-60 min.
  • Size: 5” diameter x 4.5” height
  • Materials: proprietary non-absorbent, high-temperature cement, quartz-like solid base