Fort Worth - locale by WRARE

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32⋄42’n 97⋄19’w brings you back to the place WRARE calls home -- the town of worn leather boots and arid ground mixed with blue skies. With a light citrus and herbal musk, the Fort Worth, TX candle touches on the subtle western delights that make Fort Worth a home for some of the most unique people, places, and ideas.  

Candle Tips

To make your candle as lasting and effective as possible, try following these tips upon buying and burning your candle. Prior to lighting your candle for the first time, try cutting the tip of the wick a centimeter or two. This prevents the wick from splitting or producing embers after being extinguished. Trim the wick periodically or before lighting your candle to continue to prevent wick splitting. As well, burning your candle until the entire top of the wax surface is liquified (roughly one hour) will prevent the candle from dipping below the wax surface and will produce a more even melt. Follow these tips for a long lasting candle with the perfect fragrance and wick.

WARNING! Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep from Children & Pets. Do not burn more than 4 hours at a time. Keep wax pool clear of debris. Place on a heat resistant surface.